Simple Pepper Jelly

One thing I love to have over the holidays is Pepper Jelly.  It’s sort of a tradition since the hubs & I got together.  He grew up with it- his mother was the queen of entertaining & always had a little tray of crackers, cream cheese & pepper jelly sitting out among all the other goodies.  We usually just buy some but this year I had planned on making some to share with you as part of my holiday traditions.  But because I wasn’t home most of December- I didn’t really get around to making it until now.  I am so happy I decided to still make it instead of putting it off until next holiday season.


Simple Pepper Jelly

Simple Pepper Jelly

Like I said- take your little cracker, add a little cream cheese & then top with pepper jelly. Swoon!!!


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  1. says

    Yum! I keep meaning to make pepper jelly with my peppers one year, and then never seem to get it done. I love the colors of yours, and do like it with cream cheese and crackers too.

  2. says

    Pepper jelly is one of my favorite go-to appetizers. I’m anxious to make my own now! Thank you for linking up to the Hit Me With Your Best Shot Link Party Last week. Hope to see you and your Awesome ideas tonight at 7 EST!