White Washed Textures ~ Life n’ Reflection

Back when I started this little ol’ blog I used to only post photography related content. That meant that I posted about family & images of my family quite often. After having images of my children stolen & used by someone to pass off as her own children I slowly changed my focus here. Now I rarely pick up the camera for personal use but once in a while I get a moment to capture my family in our everyday lives. Earlier this week we had some beautiful sunshine that I just had to take advantage of. I have yet to take birthday images of my older daughter- even though her birthday was back in December. So I was feeling that she would be my perfect subject for snapping a few images. While these are in no way a replacement for a full birthday photoshoot that I still need to do with not only her but also her brother for his birthday back in Feb – at least I found a few moments to be with my camera & not be working.

White Washed Textures from Life n' Reflection

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  1. says

    What lovely photos and you have a lovely child – very photogenic. You have captured such a sweetness. I gasp when I read someone stole your photos and claimed them as family. Who does that?

    • says

      Oh yes – she made up a whole fake life on Facebook using images of myself & my girls & some images of my friend’s daughters too. Disturbing to say the least.

      Thanks so much for coming by & for your kind words.

  2. says

    Oh this post made me so happy. I’m so glad that you found some time to do some (family) shots and she is one very lovely young lady. All your shots of her are just gorgeous. – I still find it hard to understand about people stealing others photographs and posting them as their own. What sad lives they must have.

  3. kim says

    She is a beautiful young lady! Your captures are gorgeous. I love seeing your portraits when you share them because you couldn’t possibly have more beauty in those 3 than you already do! You are blessed!