Frozen Brown Cow

Okay my Kahlua loving friends- I have your new night cap treat!! With all the homemade kahlua I now have on hand- I was pondering what recipes I could use it in. I wanted to do a twist on the traditional kahlua & cream – so of course I turned to ice cream. Oh my- this is the perfect little thing to have after the kiddos head to bed after a long day of shoveling snow.


Frozen Brown Cow

Frozen Brown Cow

It wouldn’t be complete without an obscene amount of chocolate sauce too.

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    You always amaze me Gina. This pictures are awesome and now you have me craving Kahula and I don’t even drink it, but I do know I need it know so that I can have one of these frozen brown cows! YUM! Pinning for sure. Thanks chica!

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    I love Kahlua, it is my favorite alcoholic drink. I make something very similar to this but this seems a little easier to do. I will have to give it a try! Thanks for sharing on the weekend retreat link party :)