Peanut Butter Nutella Salted Sandwich Cookies

Last Friday the fabulous Cheryl of Tidy Mom posted the recipe for Salted Chocolate Nutella Sandwich Cookies.  I LOVE Nutella.  Anything that has that ingredient is an A+ in my book.  So I printed off the recipe & added the couple things I needed to my list for the market.  I had planned on going to the market on Saturday afternoon to pick up what I needed & then make the cookies Sunday morning before football started. My family had other plans.  They saw the recipe on the counter & BEGGED me to improvise & make it immediately.  They were not having this waiting for Sunday idea at all.


Peanut Butter Nutella Salted Sandwich Cookies

I used bleached all-purpose flour (instead of unbleached), regular cocoa powder (not Dutch processed) & increased the Nutella in the dough to 2 1/2 tbsp because I literally only had that much in my jar.  The recipe called for 2 tbsp- I wasn’t about the leave that little 1/2 tbsp in there- so the more the better- right??!!  :)  This however left me without any for spreading between the cookies to make the sandwich.  So out came the peanut butter.  Chocolate & peanut butter together- yeah, we know that’s pretty good.  I knew that Nutella & peanut butter is awesome because I have those sandwiches all the time. So I knew that this would be the perfect sandwich cookie for my family    Head on over to see Cheryl & print her recipe & give it a try.  These didn’t last through the weekend in our house.


Peanut Butter Nutella Salted Sandwich Cookies Peanut Butter Nutella Salted Sandwich Cookies

 Thanks Cheryl!!!  These were fantastic!

Oh AND- she also featured my little Re-Purpose Christmas Ornament DIY project I posted last week- so that was pretty awesome.

Catch my post HERE & her feature HERE.

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    Yum Gina! These look fabulous. A pinner for sure! Thank you for always sharing amazing things with us. Love coming to be inspired here. So pleased that you were featured! I saw that and was so happy for you!

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    WOW! I can’t get over how BEAUTIFUL those images are. I wouldn’t wait, either. If it weren’t for all this ice and snow, I’d be headed to the store to make these today! 😀
    Found you on the blog hop and I’m glad I did! You’re in my Google Reader now. 😀

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    I love the little string you tied around the cookies! Great food styling! I’m excited for your new link up, I’ve been saying lately I want to try to do more food photography again, and this will be a great excuse!

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    Those look sooooo good! You are killing me with these pictures! :) I’ve been fasting from sugar for 19 days now and today’s cravings are hitting me hard. And then I click over here and see these. YIKES! It’s a good thing you are thousands of miles away! :) So excited that you were featured though! I’ll have to think about what I can share on Wednesday.

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    oh what a great idea with the peanut butter! I’ll have to give that a try next time. My girls are bugging me to make them again soon!!
    Your cookies and pictures turned out beautiful!

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      Thanks so much Cheryl! They really have become a “go-to” recipe. Already sent another batch to the firehouse. Thanks so much! I love finding new favorites.