Easy Valentine's Day Chocolate Chip Cookies



Need a quick and easy Valentine's Day dessert that takes minimal effort? Valentine's Day chocolate chip cookies are the answer. Here is a yummy recipe using Valentine's Day MM's!


Sugars Butter + Margarine Vanilla Egg Flour Vanilla Pudding Baking Soda Salt Chocolate Chips Valentine's MM's

Valentine Chocolate Chip Cookies are soft, chewy, deliciously buttery cookie recipe loaded with M&M’s. Great for giving to your sweetie this Valentine’s Day


Make your chocolate chip cookie mix as you usually would by creaming together butter and sugar then adding other liquids. 


Add dry ingredients and mix until combined. Mix in chocolates. Cover and refrigerate overnight.


The next day bake cookies at 350 degrees F. for 9-12 minutes. Remove and immediately top with a few more chocolates for a pretty looking cookie.

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