Going Away Gift {Free Printable}

I can’t believe we will be moving in just over a month. It’s incredible just how fast this whole house building has gone. We will soon be saying goodbye to all our wonderful friends & neighbors we have met here. Everyone was so amazing when we arrived 18 months ago. From my neighbor across the street that not only brought us cookies within days of us moving in & also got up at 4 AM to drive the hubs to the airport & back when we were in CA for my mom’s funeral. She has watched over our house countless times. My son has made friends with all the elderly on our loop & has earned a decent wage shoveling driveways & doing yard work while we have been here. We were fortunate enough that the house behind us has 3 little girls living in it- instant friends with my girls. There are plenty of boys in close proximity too which has kept my son busy playing football in the front yard for forever. We have spent holidays with these people, had them with us for special events & we are so grateful for the sense of community they have given us. We are sad to be leaving them. So I decided to create this Going Away Gift & Free Printable to show just how much we have loved being neighbors. Free Printable Checklist Templates

Going Away Gift {Free Printable}

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  1. says

    This is so cute Gina! And seriously so exciting to be building a new house. Hopefully you will have great neighbors when you move too. I just love that your son has gotten to know all of your elderly neighbors. Getting to know some of the elderly people at church has been one of the best things ever for my kids. I think they need other adults to help them along–sometimes they just won’t listen to us, but they’ll listen to someone else. Love it!

  2. 4chocolattes says

    So cute! What a blessing to have wonderful neighbors. Praying for great ones to come. Love the gift basket.

  3. says

    I love this simple gift! This would also make a great teacher gift!

    Best wishes on your new home and new friends/neighbors. 😉

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    ~ Ashley