Irish Apple Cake

Happy Wednesday!!! Hope your day is going great!!

As most of you know- I have been making baked breakfasts for the kids for close to a year now. We have been making a conscious effort to reduce the amount of ready-made foods & I’m feeling better & better about our progress. This week I think we went a little overboard with the produce at Costco & I ended up with way more than we could reasonably consume- even with having some 3 meals a day. Soooo- I decided to take some of the apples & make this Irish Apple Cake. It sticks with my “all-Irish” theme this week & was oh so good. The kids enjoyed it for breakfast & the hubs & I had a little with some vanilla ice cream on top after the kids went to bed. I know- we have been going to the gym & it seems counter-productive. It’s okay once in a while. It was too good to say no to.

Irish Apple Cake

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  1. Andrea Campbell says

    That looks absolutely DELICIOUS!….but I don’t understand how it comes out like it does… looks as though you baked a bunch of biscuits, then broke them up and tossed them with apples and the other ingredients and rebaked…..does this make any sense? The only thing I can imagine is that the apples were not thinly sliced, but left in rather large chunks…? Otherwise, how does the cake get its”rocky” texture? Please share your secret!

    • says

      Thanks for your question Andrea. The apples are thinly sliced. It comes out like this because the cake batter is more like a bread/cookie dough rather than a thinner liquid like a traditional cake batter. So it doesn’t fill in all those “holes” you see. It it quite thick & almost looks like apples mixed into cookie dough – where it’s misshapen & bumpy. But when it’s baked the result is definitely a cake with apples mixed throughout.

  2. kim says

    Oh my oh my! That looks amazing! I wish I could have that with a cup of coffee right now! And um…the whiskey sour is looking pretty amazing too!

  3. says

    Like others have said, that looks delicious. And it looks really easy, too! I love the texture and look of this cake and I’m thinking some whipped cream and caramel might be rather nice on top. Thank you for sharing such a wonderful recipe!

  4. says

    Gina, this looks delicious. I like the texture of this cake. I’ve pinned it for later. I found your recipe on the Eat, Create, Play party.

  5. says

    Looks like a wonderful cake…and the apples always make a cake so moist.
    Here from Craftberry..come over and see me. :)

  6. says

    Wow, another awesome treat! Irish apple cake has been on my to do list for about a year now. It’s definitely getting moved to the top of next year’s list,lol :)

  7. says

    It looks amazing, Gina! Your family is so lucky to eat all the wonderful desserts! Thanks for sharing it at Sewlicious Home Decor. Pinned. :) I got an error the first time I tried to send this so I hope you aren’t getting this twice!

    • says

      Great to have you here- Welcome!! If you click on the words “Click here to continue reading” just below the image of the cake – it will take you to the page with more info & the recipe to print. Thanks so much for coming by!!! Hope to see you again.