Fall Bucket List 2013 ~ Project 52 Week 34

Good Morning Everyone! Welcome to Project 52!


Hope you had a great weekend.  We have been enjoying these last few August days around here.  It’s so amazingly pleasant & we are so enjoying having our windows open & feeling that lovely mountain air here in Northern Idaho.  I just can’t say enough great things about this place.  It’s truly a treasure.  We feel so blessed to have the opportunity to be here.

Fall Bucket List 2013
I captured this sunset the other evening.  We don’t often get colorful sunsets here- partly because there are less dust particles in the atmosphere (which explains why we had such amazing sunsets in the desert nearly every night) so when they happen I do run out to get a couple snaps.  I do love the view from our back yard- I love seeing the silhouettes of the pine trees.  I longed for trees for all those years we lived in the desert- it’s such a welcome & amazing sight.
Project 52 Week 34, Blue Moon
I was able to capture the Blue Moon last week.  I don’t capture the moon as often as I used to.  The hubs asked me why I used to run out every night to capture it & now I will pass on it more often than not.  Well- I started thinking about it.  I think it’s because I have so many other things to capture here.  When we lived in the desert- there were only so many pictures I could take of sand & sand & well….more sand.  I welcomed capturing other things- like the moon.  So I did it quite a bit.  Now – I have SO MANY pretty things all around me.  I never yearn for something new to capture.  It’s such a blessing & I am not taking it for granted.  (Last Blue Moon images September of 2012 HERE & past super moon & lunar eclipse images HERE )  These pale in comparison to my images last year of the Lunar Eclipse- those & one super brilliant partial moon really are my best work to date on the moon.  Sometimes it’s just not as clear & other times you can really get some awesome shots.
Project 52 Week 34, Blue Moon

With all that said- I figured since it was a blue moon- I had better get out & at least take a couple snaps.
They came out okay & at least I documented the event.

As we are now consistently in the 80’s I’m feeling that fall is right around the corner & things are going to start rapidly changing here.  I am SQUEALING I’m so excited about fall.  It’s my favorite time of year & I’m sure it will show here on the blog as I jump in with both feet to all things fall.  We picked up a MASSIVE basket of produce from our co-op this past weekend & I spent a fair amount of time preparing it all for some yummies that I will be making to share with you all as the season continues.


For now- you can print off this Fall Bucket List that I created.

Hopefully you will be able to cross some of these off along with me & share them on your own blogs.

fall bucket list 2013 W
Download HERE


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    Hi I found you through the Thrifty Thursday. Thanks for sharing the bucket list. I just turned 50 and I must say visiting a pumpkin patch and taking a hay ride sounds delightful. I also love the fall here in Colorado but I will miss the long hot days of summer.