Bing Cherry Freezer Jam

I may have mentioned this once or twice before. I have a serious obsession with cherry recipes. Whether it’s cherries baked in treats, eating cherries right off the tree, cherry drinks or cherry flavored candy (that’s probably my biggest obsession) I can’t get enough. I’m the person in the house that will pick out all the cherry candies out of the assortment & leave the rest for someone else. I choose & don’t choose different things based on whether or not it has a cherry variety available. Yes- I’m like a small child when it comes to these things. I am pretty serious about my cherry flavored foods. So for the longest time I have been craving some cherry preserves. I had never made any before but I was truly craving some. I usually never get to making any because I can’t get past eating them all once I go through all the trouble of pitting them. But this time I had so many on hand that I could cave into my craving & make this Bing Cherry Freezer Jam.

Bing Cherry Freezer Jam

 Kleinworth & Co.
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  1. says

    You Had me at cherries. I share your cherry obsession. My new favorite summer drink is cherry lime seltzer. This looks delicious, I especially like your idea of putting it on top of ice cream.