Black & White Fudge Pops

*Disclosure: I have been compensated for this post with product. All opinions are truthful & my own.

All through my childhood there was a certain frozen treat that was a constant – the fudgesicle. It was one of my grandfather’s favorite treats & my grandmother would stock up on them at a place called Price Club (which was one of the first for places like Costco). My grandfather had a sweet tooth & chocolate was his thing. I could say that’s where I got it from- but the fact of the matter is, there are many in my family with a serious chocolate addiction. My grandmother was so good about making sure he always had his favorites. True love I tell you. They knew each other from the time they were about 4-5 years old – sweetest love story. So anyhow, when I look back on my favorite things from my childhood- which seems to be something that happens more in the summer than other times of year- I always remember the fudgesicle being present. So I decided to do my thing- twist it up a bit & make these Black & White Fudge Pops to give an old time favorite a Gina flare.

Black & White Fudge Pops,

 Kleinworth & Co.
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  1. libbywilko says

    Thes sound yummy, I’ve never had anything like them. Off to pin them. Thanks!