Red Velvet Biscotti

Would you agree with me that when you think of Red Velvet flavored anything- your mind sort of automatically thinks of Valentines Day? I know mine does. Which is why I can’t seem to stop wit the red velvet recipes. It’s so incredibly good & there is just something about it that screams special. So I couldn’t help myself from making this tasty little coffee time snack to make my weekend a little more exciting.

Red Velvet Biscotti

Red Velvet Biscotti

 Kleinworth & Co.
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    Love this, so perfect for Valentine’s Day! So pretty and vibrant! Thanks for linking up with What’s Cookin’ Wednesday!

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    Hi Gina! I absolutely love these and thank you so much for sharing them at Best of the Weekend! I’m featuring them at tonight’s party and of course, pinned! Hope you have a happy Friday!