Patriotic Luminaries

There is something that I really love about summer gatherings- especially for 4th of July.  It’s that wonderful theme of Americana decorated everywhere & the lovely glow all about.  Be it from the late sunset, fireworks in the sky or luminaries decorated all about the back yard- it’s something I love.  So I decided to make some of my own for this year’s 4th of July decorations.

Patriotic Luminaries



Patriotic Luminaries

These were so simple.  I just marked out where I wanted the holes & grabbed the drill & started making holes.

A couple coats of regular craft acrylic paint & that was it.  They were done in a couple hours –  start to finish.



**Now being a fire chief’s wife- I’m going to tell you that putting actual candles in these freaked me out.  Open flame in the summer is something that keeps my hubs SUPER busy.  So I am strongly advising the batter operated “candles” or you can stick a glow stick in these & get the same effect.

Patriotic Luminaries

Happy holiday decorating!!


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    I love these! 4th of July is my favorite holiday…and I love to deck out for it. I also HATE throwing cans away….what a perfect use for them! Thanks for sharing! ~Tammy