Paracord Survival Keychain

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Still thinking about what you want to give dear ol’ dad for Father’s Day??


Does he like the outdoors?? One thing that my son does while spending so much time at the firehouse is come up with new things to make with paracord.  He’s made bracelets & other various things with it (I will share those another time)  This time I wanted to share with you this one since Father’s Day is almost here.


Paracord Survival Keychain 


Paracord Survival Keychain

We have so many of these around here.  My hubs uses short ones as pulls on all his zippers like on his gear bags & such.

They are super simple & easy to make.  I have broken each step down for you (with the help of my son)  so you can follow along.

Paracord Survival Keychain

Obviously you can see how big this is with the 18″ of paracord.  If you want it bigger or smaller- adjust your lengths accordingly.

Have fun- it’s a great project to keep the kids busy.


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