First Aid Kit and Printable Checklist

Are you ready for Memorial Day Weekend??


I’m sure most of you have all sorts of plans.  The weather this time of year should be lovely.  Which means that while most of the country is out enjoying the long weekend the hubs gets super busy.  Holiday weekends are super crazy & they never stop running calls.  While it’s been a while since he has had to be in the back of an ambulance doing patient care- it’s weekends like these that keep him on his toes with managing emergencies.  Emergency preparedness is always on our minds which is why we are so adamant about having a First Aid Kit & why I created this DIY First Aid Kit and Printable Checklist for you all. Free Printable Checklist Templates

First Aid Kit and Printable Checklist

You see- before we moved here- the hubs was not only on the Homeland Security Working Group for NV, he was the County Deputy Fire Chief among many many things- but he was also coordinated the Disaster Preparedness Program for the second largest county in the nation. (geographically speaking) We had things like the NV Test Site, Area 51 (yes it exists) & Yucca Mountain in our jurisdiction.  He was PREPARED for the worst of the worst.  Which means that we live, breathe, eat & sleep being prepared.

First Aid Kit and Printable Checklist, DIY first aid kit

So knowing all of that- it should come as no surprise to you that this above image shows all the things that are in just ONE of our MULTIPLE emergency kits we have between our house & vehicles.  I know most people don’t have access to a lot of these things & even if they did- are not medical professionals & therefore wouldn’t use them.  So I decided to put together a quick & simple kit for you all that is perfect for your house, car, boat or RV.  AND- it’s re-purposed from a coffee can so it’s an extra win in my book.


First Aid Kit DIY

First Aid Kit and Printable Checklist, DIY first aid kit

I covered my can with white & red duct tape.  You could do the cute prints too.

I wanted mine to be unmistakable so that anyone who sees it would know exactly what it’s for.

First Aid Kit and Printable Checklist, DIY first aid kit

You won’t believe all the things that fit in this little can.

You could make several for all the places you may need one.  I had one growing up as a kid.  We made them in our Girl Scout Troop (thanks mom).  It was great with the rope handle (just drill holes & slip through with a knot) .  We could just grab & go whenever we were headed outdoors.

First Aid Kit and Printable Checklist, DIY first aid kit

If you take some of the larger things out of the large box packaging- YES- all these things will fit in your First Aid Kit.

Let me just say- all of these things can be picked up at your local drug store or online.

I recommend stuffing as many band-aids in there as you can fit (those are the things you will need & use the most)

First Aid Kit and Printable Checklist, DIY first aid kit


I made this quick reference checklist you can take with you to the store.  Download & print.

Wishing you all a very SAFE Memorial Day weekend! 


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    This is such a great idea Gina. My daughter made a first aid kit in Girl Scouts also, but I have to say, it was tiny and not nearly as useful as yours. Thanks for the tips!

    Have a safe and wonderful weekend!

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    WOW! I can’t believe all of the things you fit in one little can! This is great. You never know when you’ll need emergency supplies. My hubbs used to work for Homeland Security, too. Great job, but crazy hours! :) I popped over from I Heart Nap Time–thanks for sharing!

    ~Abby =)

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    I love this first aid kit. I am amazed at how much you were able to fit in it! Thank you for sharing at our Simply Create Link Party!! I can’t wait to see what you link up tonight!