Ultimate Ice Cream Float

Ultimate Ice Cream Float


  • 1 bottle Dr Pepper® Cherry
  • M&M's® Plain
  • M&M's® Cookie Ice Cream Sandwiches
  • SNICKERS® Ice Cream Bars
  • Life Savers® Hard Candy Variety
  • sprinkles
  • chocolate syrup
  • vanilla ice cream
  • cherries


  1. Take the SNICKERS® Ice Cream Bars & cut them into pieces
  2. Place a couple of the pieces at the bottom of your glass
  3. Add a scoop of ice cream followed by a couple more pieces of ice cream bar
  4. Then the final scoops of ice cream & top with the last pieces of the ice cream bar
  5. Next pour in your Dr Pepper® Cherry to fill
  6. Then add sprinkles, chocolate syrup, M&M's® & cherry