20 Minute Chocolate Covered Strawberry Turkeys



These chocolate covered strawberry turkeys with pretzels are a delight and so fun to make! Ready in 20 minutes or less, this guide will teach you how to make chocolate covered strawberry turkeys. 



Wash and dry strawberries. Press a cocktail skewer vertically into the top of each strawberry, but do not go all the way through.


Break each pretzel stick in half. Add 2 mini marshmallows to each broken end of the pretzel stick.


Melt chocolate in the microwave.


To assemble, dip the marshmallow side of the pretzel stick in chocolate and press to side of strawberry until dried and secured.


Put strawberries in fridge to chill and fully let the "legs" set.


Reheat the chocolate and dip the strawberries one at a time. Place on wax lined baking sheet. Place back in fridge to set for 5 minutes.


Melt white chocolate and dip the "feet" ends of the pretzel sticks in. Stick back in fridge for 5 minutes to harden.

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