Blueberry Pie Bars {Recipe}

Oh my goodness- I love making treats with fruit. I love Yummy Bar Recipes!  I wander the produce isle or look in our co-op produce basket & the wheels start turning in my head of all the things I can make.  This time I had a pile of blueberries.  I especially love baking with blueberries.   The hubs wanted blueberry muffins but I didn’t have the right ingredients without going to the store.  I had to come up with something different & I wanted it to be something I had not made before.  You know- one can only eat the same thing so many times before you want to try something else out for a bit.  Plus I was feeling pretty creative & wanted to stretch that with my baking.  The blueberries were just giving me an excuse.
Blueberry Pie Bars {Recipe}

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  1. says

    Yummm.. I am definitely going to have to try these.. I just wish I had a few more bodies at my house to help, cause I know I will eat the whole pan.

    Send up prayers for you MOM..


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    Oh! Gina! I have been away to long. :( I didn’t know your mother has cancer. I so sorry. I understand how terrible it feels to hear this news. It’s like getting hit in the face with a bat, and then while your standing there stunned, the fleet of trucks come to run you over and they just don’t seem to stop. The grieving has started. :( I am so sorry! I will be praying, praying for her – for you and your whole family. This is so very hard. My love goes out to you my friend. Now I get all the photos of the baking. . .I have looked quickly in blogger just to drool and hurry on my way to get school done. The photos are wonderful by the way. I bake too when I’m nerves, worried, over whelmed. :)

    xoxo, lisa

  3. says

    Those look amazing and seriously love how you just came up with something! We have a couple blueberry bushes and maybe I’ll be able to make these if the birds don’t beat me to my berries like they always do!

  4. says

    Praying praying praying for your mom, you, and your family. I know y’all will get through this.

    That recipe is just yummmmmmmm!

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    These look awesome and I’m in a bb kick right now. Must make! I also hope your mom recovers soon. I just came off a year-and-a-half struggle with my mom sickness/cancer and I know it’s hard. Hugs

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    Continuing to pray for your mom and your family!

    These look absolutely amazing! If only I weren’t on a sugar fast, I’d be running to buy blueberries today! :)

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    Prayers for your mother. My husbands grandpa is in the same boat, and that pneumonia is just lingering and taking so long to get rid of. Those bars, though, look and sounds divine!

  8. says

    Holy cow, that looks ah-mazingly delicious!!

    And gosh, your poor mom is sick too?! She’s been through the ringer lately. Praying she gets well and gets some good news soon. I know it must be so tough not to be able to be with her. My mom went through several back surgeries and I was only able to visit once. I was so nerve-wracking and sad not to be with her. I know she knows you are with her in spirit. I will continue to keep her in my prayers.
    Hang in there friend. ((hugs))

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    These look amazing, I’ve pinned to try later. Then I saw the St. Patty’s printables on your sidebar… and hello to 20 minutes spent checking out everything else around here that is wonderful. Found you via OneCreativeMommy and subscribed.

    Sorry to read about your mom, wishing you all the best.

    ¸.·´¸.·*´¨) ¸.·*¨)
    (¸.·´ (¸.·`¤… Jennifer

  10. says

    Oh. My Gosh. YUM! I have recently wanted to start making some blueberry desserts and this is by far the best looking, wow.
    Thanks so much for sharing :)

  11. Linda C. says

    Yum, I’ll be making it this weekend! I have to tell you…when I read step #12, “Cool before serving if eating alone.” I thought you meant if you are eating it all by yourself…which is what I might end up doing since it looks so good!! LOL!

  12. jen says

    Thanks Gina! Just out of the oven. Tastes great! I added yogurt instead of sour cream and added lemon zest and juice for extra tartness. LOVE!