The Miracle of One Snowflake

Oh my heavens.  The other day I had such a treat.  The weather conditions were just ever so perfect when the light dusting of snow came down.  My son came in from outside & told me that he could see actual individual snowflakes in perfect form out on the fence.  I decided to head out & see what he was talking about.  It was about 9 degrees- but I was so in complete AWE of what I found that I wasn’t even feeling the coldness.  I had my camera & my phone with me to see what I could capture.  It turns out that it wasn’t just on the fence that we could see the flakes.  The whole top of the hot tub was sprinkled like confetti with perfect little snowflakes.  Then I started looking all around me & realized that every little glisten in the snow was yet another perfect snowflake.  I started really watching where I was stepping- knowing that every time I moved I was crushing & ruining these miracles that the Lord had given me to cherish & enjoy.


snowflake images, The Miracle of One Snowflake

I actually took this one with my phone.  It sometimes will do a better job at macros than the DSLR.

No special attachments or anything. Just the regular 8.0 mp phone camera.


snowflake images, The Miracle of One Snowflake

snowflake images, The Miracle of One Snowflake

snowflake images, The Miracle of One Snowflake

This one looks like a butterfly


snowflake images, The Miracle of One Snowflake

The Miracle of One Snowflake, snowflake images

I didn’t really do anything to process these. I sharpened just a bit.  I didn’t want to lose any detail by doing a whole lot of processing.  So everything is SOOC.  I am now really wanting a macro lens.  Something to put on the list I suppose.  I must have stayed outside capturing these snowflakes for hours.  The hubs kept hollering out for me to come in because he was afraid I was getting too cold.  I was out there in my jammies & slippers.  I wasn’t feeling it.  I was too sucked in to what I was doing.  The miracle of just one snowflake was enough to grab me- but having so many out there to try to photograph was almost overwhelming.  I wanted to get them all before they were crushed or melted.  Obviously that wasn’t possible.  Maybe the next time I have this opportunity I will have a macro lens so these will be better.  But at least when I look at them I will remember just how amazing it was to see with my own eyes.


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  1. Mom says

    what an incredible find…..amazing day – I love the way my grandchildren cherish the most simplist of lifes things…I love they way they find joy – I miss them terribly…..Did you say 9 degrees – we are having warm days….people out on boats sunning themselves – amazing Love MOM

  2. says

    Wow! That is amazing!! You captured them beautifully! I’ve only seen snowflakes like that one time – when I was skiing in Colorado many years ago. I looked down and saw them on my jacket. It was exciting to say the least!

  3. says

    No way!!!! I’ve seen lots of snow in my life…but never snow like this. You’ve captured Gods little gifts of beauty to us :)

  4. says

    Simply amazing! I have only been able to photograph a perfect snowflake once. Your photos are wonderful! It must have been so enjoyable to find these littlest treasures!

  5. says

    Oh my gosh! That is completely amazing! I have never seen snowflakes like that, and I can say that I would be in complete awe also. What a wonderful capture, and you are lucky that your son told you about it!

  6. says

    Gina, I am amazed. Who knew that was even possible. I guess I should try water drops, cause there’s no snow where I am for the winter. :)