PTM- This is Our Life- Week 3

You know- I think I am just going to pick & choose the photo projects that I will post about.  Some weeks I will choose one or the other & share the images I submit here.  That way you can see what I am doing on Flickr too. I have so many things going &  it’s not always here in this space. So I think if I want to keep you all up to speed the best way would be to share it here.

This week I thought I would participate in Annie’s PTM- This is Our Life- week 3 for her project 52 because the prompt was “This makes me wish I could freeze time”.  I feel like that almost daily as I see my babies growing so quickly.  I can’t believe that my youngest is 9.  I’m sure every mother wishes she could freeze time.  In fact I really wish I could go back in time & then freeze it.  There are so many things I wish I could go back to & cherish for a little while longer.  I wish I had known just how quickly these years would fly on by.


I definitely  wish I could freeze time in this circumstance because this little lady is my youngest. She is growing & developing into a tween. She’s changing so fast yet still such a little girl at the age of 9. I just want to slow her down & keep her like this for a little while longer so I can soak it all in.


PTM- This is Our Life- Week 3

Want to join in & have some fun with Annie.

Head on over HERE & check out her master post on what you need to do.




  1. says

    I want to freeze time too! A few years ago…. : (
    My boy is turning 18 and my girl turned 13 this year… time went by soooo fast!
    Great picture…