Project 366 Rewind- Week 49

WOW- what a whirlwind this move has been!!!!  We had 2 moving trucks, snow, rain & such a warm welcome once we got here.

Feeling so blessed right now.

Saturday was Mini-Me’s 12th birthday.  Since my mom was here for the week we celebrated with her before she headed home.  We had the hubs swearing in which was really cool.  I was able to be the one to  pin his badge on him.  Then they did a truck dedication for the new engine. That was really fun.  In the midst of unpacking we also decorated for Christmas.  We did finally get all the boxes unpacked & I got my studio set up.  While I no longer have an office- I do have a dedicated studio space which is great.  This week I will be jumping back in to getting a huge product photography order done before the end of the month.  Still have to knock out Christmas shopping & cards.  Bear with me here!!  Many of the pics from the drive were taken by my mom.  I put the camera on full “auto-pilot” & let her just click away.  What can I say- it would have been dangerous for me to try to take pics while driving- especially considering that it was raining &/or snowing most of the way.   But at least the moments were captured-even if they are just snapshots.  :) Oh & while we were driving we looked down & noticed that her iPhone was sitting in the bucket of water we had sitting in the console.  No rice to stick it in for another 48 hours.  The thing was toast. We had to go to the store & buy her a new one once we got here. That was bad- I felt awful for her.

The top 4 for the month of November are….



Winner receives a pair of hand warmers from my store.


Project 366 Rewind- Week 49, too far

Most of these were taken with my phone- just how it went through this time.  I was doing just as much unloading & unpacking as the guys- so I wasn’t able to have camera in hand as much as I would have liked.  The center shot is the view from my dining room table one morning over coffee. Also my first sunset here I was able to capture so that was good. Think I will have to invest in a macro lens with the amount of rain we get here.  Yahoo- I can practice raindrops.  :) 

I’m also joining Rachel today. 


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  1. says

    Thank heavens for moms, huh? So glad you are getting settled. Hope you like small town life. I love it! I am impressed you are unpacked already! Way to go! Have a great week getting settled in!!

  2. says

    So glad you are getting settled and had such a warm welcome! I do hope you get some time to relax soon!

    And thank you for picking me as a finalist again. However, the photo I said was my favorite isn’t the one showing. No big deal. Just wanted you to know.

  3. says

    Great to hear you’re settling in to your new home! I love all your images.
    I’m sorry I’ve missed joining in for a couple of weeks but I just managed to sneak the last 2 weeks images in before the link was closed!! Here’s hoping I can get last weeks images organised on time.