Skinned Knees & SafeSkin Kids

The kids like to play outside with the dog. The weather is finally nice here & they are loving that they can go outside & run around without getting heat stroke.  The one downfall is they fall.  They either trip over each other or the dog (who is 103 lbs by the way) knocks them down because he gets so excited to play with them.  This usually ends in someone needing some sort of minor medical attention & it’s usually the Munchkin.   She’s such a trooper- I don’t even think she cries anymore.  Granted if her jeans didn’t have holes in the knees- she probably could have come away from this with just a bruise instead.  But I would be crazy to send her out to play in the dirt with the dog in good jeans.  So it is what it is.  It’s all part of life right??!

Skinned Knees & SafeSkin Kids

Yes I converted this to B&W.  You did NOT want to see this in color.

So when this happened I was on the phone with the hubs.  We were in a very intense discussion about things going on with this move & trying to get a lot of info exchanged in a short amount of time.  The dog knocked her down again & she needed tending to.  The kids were so sweet to not interrupt when they came in because this happened.  They went in the laundry room & the older two proceeded to clean the wounds & bandage her up.  I didn’t even know anything had happened until my son came & grabbed the tube of SAFESKIN Kids Antibacterial Gel off my desk & took off with it.  I quickly followed to see what was up.  When I saw this scene I quickly told the hubs that the little one had knees like hamburger & I had to go & take care of my baby.

Skinned Knees & SafeSkin Kids

When I was asked to give SAFESKIN Kids antibacterial gel a try I thought “sure- that would come in handy”.  When it arrived I thought “Hmmmm- someone needs an injury for this to be used.”  Wasn’t looking forward to that.  As it so happened- it was only a day before it needed to be used.  I was happy that it didn’t sting & worked well for her.


How do you handle your kids getting hurt??  Do you make it a big deal or do you brush it off as no big deal??

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    Oh man! Poor girl. The good news is that she has some pretty awesome siblings. And I don’t blame you for sending her out to play in old jeans.

    Madeline is working on her own scraped knee… over and over lately. Nice, eh?

    • says

      Thanks Eva! Wanted to let you know that you are the winner of of this giveaway for your own tube of the Safeskin Kids. If you send me your mailing address I will pass it along so they can get that out to you!! Congrats! Gina